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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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help. good morning, thank you for joining us, it is tuesday december 13th, i am pam cook, first we want to go to steve paulsen for a look at your forecast. man, it is cold out there, upper 20s and 30s and we will end up with sunshine but on the cool side and a little breeze kicking up as well, here is sal. traffic looks good on the golden gate bridge heading down to the toll plaza, also we are looking good on the bay bridge heading to san francisco, it is 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. we begin with overnight news from the port of oakland. just two hours ago, they managed to block the workers who showed up for their 3:00
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a.m. shift and this follows a day long shift from yesterday. >> reporter: there was cheering and jubilation that the port effectively had been shut down. >> we have a 24 hour shut down right here at the port. work was stopped today. >> hundreds of -- >> reporter: hundreds of occupiers had been there since midnight they had been chanting riding bikes and picketing. they were trying to prevent a truck driver and the man pleaded with them, he said please let me drive, i have three kids, so they did let him through. because of the blockade, they could not operate. they said the protests took the port hostage. >> they would not have physical violence and the economic
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violence to this city is just not fair and it is not fair to the workers of the port who have already lost a day and this is their second day and they are talking about going into a third day. >> reporter: there was a small contingent trying to block workers from gate four but most left and some are done with objecting paid for the day, others say they will try to come back at 6:00 to try to shut down the next shift, i am more more, news news. >> -- i am tara, stay tuned with mornings on 2, don't forget you can get updates any time by going to our website k tv oakland police approved the use of tear gas in the days
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before a violent clash at frank ogawa plaza. it led to a violent clash and police eventually used tear gas to help break up that crowd. a spokesperson for mayor jean quan said two investigations are now underway. the city will drop all civil charges against the demonstrators if the occupiers agree not to set up their tents outside city hall for the next two years. they were cited for trespassing during the recent trespassing. three have agreed to accept the city's deal. they are investigating two new robberies on muny buses. the latest happened over the weekend when a man tried to
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steal a cell phone and wallet from a passenger. craig has more on these crimes. >> reporter: it happened last tuesday on board a bus and we are still learning details of where along the line and the condition of the victim. he spent six days later on board a bus and published report says a 30-year-old robbed an old man that was just three days ago, according to the report, the victim chased the suspects, the suspects confronted the man knocking him to the ground taking his cell phone and didn't get on the
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bus. that 20-year-old was robbed of a cell phone in and -- a cell phone and they hope to have more information about it to you a little later. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:04, criminal charges will be filed against a girl who sparked a massive search after she went missing. she was arrested yesterday on suspicion of filing a false report. her parents reported her missing after getting a voicemail saying she was being held captive. but according to the herald, she confessed to police she made up the story to get sympathy from her family. she was released to her parents
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after her arrest. this is new video of jerry sandusky arriving in court. he will face his accusers and they are determining whether there is enough evidence to bring jerry sandusky to trial on molestation charges. the boys who are accusing him are scheduled to testify. coming up, we willlary a senate hear -- will hear a senate hearing on anybody who suspects child abuse must report it to authorities. they are asked to cease-and- desist after running a one man sperm bank. he did not take the precautions to prevent the spread of come
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many- í communicating diseases. he has fathered more than a dozen children from all economic backgrounds. what are you looking at sal? >> well, we are looking at all the roads and we will go there right now and take a look at east shore, east shore traffic looks good, heading west, it looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze and bay bridge toll plaza. if you are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, there are no major problems between san francisco and oakland. and this morning we are looking at 237. it looks good getting out to highway 880. 5:07 let's go to steve. thank you and a very good cold morning out there, some upper 20s , she said is it
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colder? it feels like it, we are not getting much in the way of rain are we? thursday's system is not much, still banking around christmas. but the pattern looks to be blocked. everything continues to be open, up and over and not do much more us. yesterday southern california got in on some rain. sunny, a little breeze, it helps stir things up, there is a few locations. i have seen 28 in fairfield, san jose 38 degrees and that's mountain view at move fit. redwood city is in there, drew tweeted me and said berkeley is 36. calm conditions, now the calm conditions will help some of the fog, yesterday was just
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moisture and today it moved to southern california and it is a whopper of a system. at least somebody is getting some rain and snow in the mountains but we are not. take your pick, 53 to 36, it is that time of year, there is no consensus but let's go with it for now. with your weekend in view, days and nights will be mild. the bay area lucky stores, victims say they have lost thousands of dollars and they are now being helped. plus, what iran wants from the u.s. following the capture of an unmanned spy plane. good morning, 101, that area looks good approaching the split and we will have more on
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. good morning to you, time now 5:12, united states want them to apologize instead of asking them to give back a drone that was downed. president barack obama has formally asked for the unmanned drone and it is not hopeful iran will comply. this drone was captured last
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week and iranian officials say they are close to to re-- close to recovering information from that drone. they made changes to a defense spending bill. president barack obama has said he will veto this legislation if provisions requiring custody of terror suspects were not changed. they have the authority to question suspected terrorists but is not clear if they will prevent the veto. and in the wake of the penn state scandal, allison burns is in our washington d.c. newsroom -- washington d.c. newsroom where new laws are going to be brought up. >> reporter: that's right, we will hear dramatic testimony from a former survivor. sheldon kennedy will be talking
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about the abuse he suffered and he wrote a book about it, why i didn't say anything and has become an unofficial spokesperson for survivors. and legs laying will mandate -- legislation will mandate all states to require anybody who sees a crime has to report it. right now california is not one of those who must report them. they are looking at abuse of neglected children, for now allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. time now 4:14 accused of a shooting, he is charged with attempted murder, two counts of attempted murder and one count of robbery. the 20-year-old man was wounded in the shooting the day after
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thanksgiving. watson was arrested after an hour's long standoff with police. police continue to search for two other men believed to be involved in that shooting. a credit card skimming scam, one bank is taking action and fremont is issuing new debit cards to 1,000 customers who made purchases at a lucky store even if their accounts have not been compromised. lucky stores is also helping out some moms who were victimized by the scam. >> it is sad and disheartening to know people would steel from troops who are currently deployed. >> they gave blue star moms a check for $4,000 so they can
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continue to send care packages to troops overseas. facebook hopes to one day accommodate 9400 workers at its new facility on bay park facility expressway and in neighboring palo alto. they released a report that raises concerns about housing chinps and -- crunches an increased pollution from traffic. there are about ten short videos online highlighting good things about the county and their cities. the project seems to be gaining some attention. more than 850 people have watched the videos since they became available. in less than three weeks, oklahoma state will take on the fiesta bowl and the tickets were already sold out.
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they were given 500,000 tickets and they sold out in five days. cardinal is scheduled to practice and they go to hiatus because of finals week. how is the traffic, sal? looking good, perhaps you are driving to the highway 4 area. highway 4 coming to bay point, antioch and no major problems heading south. if you are driving 24 westbound, that looks good as well. and this morning westbound bridge traffic looks good if you are driving from antioch to oakland up to the mcarthur maze and this morning if you are driving into the east bay on 880 southbound traffic looks good from union city fremont all the way down to the south
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bay. now let's go to steve. you probably already know this but it is cold out there, and from wisconsin minnesota, it is baum my but any breeze that kicks up, it means calm conditions. patchy fog and it is cold out there. sunny cool by noon 48 to 52 and we will continue a breeze in the afternoon. 52 to 56, also breezy, upper 20ss and low 30s and that means the night are very low and that cold air stays in place. 38 san jose, concord 36 and that's beau canon, and a little puff of a breeze in fairfield, if you have to traffic that should take care of the fog and
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we will have a hint of a breeze, just a whopper of a system in southern california, they have gotten rain and it has been good for them and for us it is another dry pattern until thursday and we have a weak system that will brush by us but a cold start. patchy fog and breezy. if you are heading to southern california, get ready that system will last one more day. a lot of 50s here, 52 to 56 and i don't think there will be much of a difference, east bay south bay everybody is close. a little system, friday we start to pick up the breeze, and during the days hazy and mild. european markets are up right now some as much as 1%. and major markets south korea and china closed with losses of nearly 2% each, australia
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finished trading down 1%. they are still concerned after two credit agency warned they could downgrade some european nations. and they are watching the federal reserve they begin the last meeting of the year today. no big announcements will be made but they will talk about forecasting interest rates, dow jones industrial average nasdaq and s&p 500 starts at 12021. part of the loss was because of intel and its warning about the 4th quarter santa clara based intel 4% yesterday after cutting the outlook. they have a shortage because of the flooding in thailand and they expect pc sales to rise but not as much as it had previously forecasted. time now 4:20 pleading with pg&e for help. >> i said please will you
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listen... >> how some residents fed up with smart meters took matters into their own hands. it looks good getting up to highway 17, we will have other updates straight ahead, stay tuned for more.
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for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank. . good morning cold patchy
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fog, mainly low-to-mid 50s. you heard steve talk about, a cold winter bringing more rain and snow to the mountains. snow has closed down several mountain roads. a winter warning is in effect until noon. snow accumulations will range from 6 to 14 inches in those mountains. another report of hazing involving band members at florida university. they are accused of beating a woman who reportedly is youred -- suffered several broken bones. this was after a band member was killed during a trip to orlando. hazing was also involved in that incident. a bicyclist accused is due in court. he was riding his bike when he ran a red light and hit a 68-
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year-old woman. she fell and hit her head. she died a couple of days later. there was no evidence the bicyclist was drunk or on drugs. he is facing a year in jail if he is convicted. -- convicted. pg&e is threatening to cut their power because they disconnected their smart meters. she shows us the warning letter which was sent last week after they returned their smart meters because of health concerns. she hired an attorney and agreed to install an analog meter. >> i welcome them to put an analog meter back and i would be happy for that. >> they say smart meters are safe and it is unlawful to
5:26 am
disconnect the devices. state regulators will allow customers to opt out from smart meters. an online auction is underway selling to the now bankrupt solar company solyndra. laptop computers, desk chairs and power tools, more than 3500 solar panels and now solyndra which declared bankruptcy tried to find a buyer for the company to try to turn it around but no buyers turned up and now they are auctioning off their belongings. among some of the items for sale for elizabeth taylor, her earrings for when she won best
5:27 am
actress and wedding bands and gives from a friend, michael jackson. these items are estimated to be about $30 million. news coming from the port of oakland... >> there is an introduction for the entirety of the west coast... >> why protesters say they have scored another victory against the so called 1%. this is aimed at preventing suicides and what you may notice on your facebook wall today... why critics are out in force today. there are some areas where it is getting slow as far as traffic, we will let you know where. stay tuned for more updates on traffic and weather. 9ez
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. good morning, it is already tuesday december 13thth, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, thank you for joining us. steve said it's not my imagination. it is dangerously cold out. >> rain continues in southern california, here is sal. highway 4 looks good coming up to the wallow pass grade
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also northbound on 101 looks good as you approach the 880 split, let's go to dave and pam. from the port of oakland just a couple of hours ago occupied protesters managed to block hundreds of workers who arrived at their 3:00 a.m. shifts then the protesters claimed victory and went home. last night they succeeded in shutting down port operations for the second time in less than two months. it has cost workers the pay they would have received on a typical shift at the port of oakland. >> right now we are trying to keep them from coming inside this point here and they can go to their families and have a nice day off at work. >> well i am an owner operator and this is affecting me because we push 1,100 miles a day. so how it affects me is about a
5:32 am
$1.30 per mile. >> tara moriarty will have an update of what happened in the next half hour. protesters at the port of seattle got out of hand... [crowd noise] >> look at this, police used pepper spray to break up about 100 demonstrators who blocked the main entrance of the port. they were throwing paint at the police. there are no reports of any serious injuries. make sure you stay right here with us for continuing coverage of the demonstrations, we will have updates every half hour and mornings on 2 you can get updates at any time by going to our website and mobile k tv u. facebook is designing a new
5:33 am
tool to help people who express thoughts of suicide online. from the park, they will explain how this program works, allie? >> well here is how it is supposed to work, if a friend expresses something nasty, they can report it and then they will send an e-mail to the person who wrote the suicidal comment. that mess land also provide the option of chatting directly with a crisis counselor through facebook's chat program. now the policy manager is to improve safety on the site and to get people who need help and give them more resources. >> i think it is good at least they will get assistance for help where maybe they don't want to show their faces. >> now they have posted
5:34 am
comments of suicide and we know of a man who took his own life and three family members had written suicidal comments a few days before it happened. so this new feature serves as a suicide he prevention tool. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. police are investigating several robberies targeting passengers on several buses and light rail vehicles. in san francisco now, and we find one of the robberies involved a stabbing, kraig? >> reporter: that's right, i just got some more details and this happened last money on the 5th of december, we had one drive by here, a man let a woman borrow a cell phone and when the man asked for that cell phone back, the woman
5:35 am
refused and ended up stabbing the victim. his condition is unknown. and then a published report, a man robbed a 20-year-old man at 10:30 at night following the robbery and according to the report, the victim chased the suspects. the suspects confronted the man punching him knocking him to the ground taking his cell phone and he didn't get on the bus. the next day, the 20-year-old was robbed of his cell phone and robbed aboard the area and the police arrested the suspect and recovered the phone. robbers a board muny are down 7% over last year. they say the holidays are the time of the year they are particularly active. keep your cell phones in your pocket if you can when you can. we have some new details on
5:36 am
board muny that we will get to you coming up at 6:00. kraig debro am ktvu ktvu channel 2 news. they are looking for a man who shot a man in an in and out hamburger. it happened on fitzgerald drive when he was shot. he is listed in critical condition. investigators say it was not a random attack and that the victim was targeted. so far they have not released a suspect description. the cuts are coming after california failed to meet a $4 billion projected increase in tax revenue. public education faces the largest cuts. they could lose $100 million each and community college fees could also go up $10 per unit. now the good news, the gates to
5:37 am
henry parker, they are facing possible closure because of cuts, they have reached a deal with private doesn't first to keep it open through 2015 and in fact, 15 state parks originally slated foreclosure are now likely to stay open because of partnerships. >> in some cases it is the national park service helping us out where their borders and our borders are together. >> state parks in marin counties are also staying open. former penn state coach jerry sandusky, we watched him walk into the courthouse, just in, he waved the hearing and his accusers are expected to testify and this moves the case
5:38 am
towards trial. that just coming in just moments ago and stay with us, just ahead in 10 minutes we will go live to pennsylvania for more on what happened in court this morning. well tonight cal trans held a meeting for a bike path on the bridge. artists will display some of their paths, it will allow bicyclists and pedestrians to walk from treasure island to oakland for the first time but still no plans for a bike lane between the two islands of oakland and san francisco. how is it looking? >> we have a problem between battery and san francisco. a car ran into a building so we are checking that out for you, police are on their way to
5:39 am
battery and mine. looking at westbound bay bridge traffic looks good getting into san francisco. no major problems if you are driving on the lower deck of the bay bridge. this morning if you are driving on the interstate of 880, that traffic looks good heading to the coliseum. south to fremont looks good, 101, gets go to steve. towards petaluma it is 28, fair faction 32, still looking for other locations, we are on the dry side and southern california had a whopper which did nothing for us, we will pick up high pressure to the south and that's the combination for winds. mostly sunny tomorrow, we could see some increasing clouds
5:40 am
late, one forecast model as another low develops although we may get rain in here thursday. it is cold everywhere, livermore 34, san rafael 33 degrees, napa airport 32 and up towards browns valley 28 and 29. mostly calm, there is a hint of a breeze which will help stir things up a bit so we don't expect anything. they are getting rain and snow, so somebody in the state is getting much needed precipitation. cold start patchy fog breezy. >> forecasted highs in the 50s, low-to-mid and we have higher
5:41 am
elevations with cold air in place even though it will be sunny, more of the same on thursday, we will clear out on friday and we will be breezy as well. it looks dry and sunny but weekends in the morning will be cold. shutting down a major california highway... >> and a major development in the jerry sandusky case, the decision by the coach just minutes ago moving him closer to trial. good morning westbound 880 looks good heading towards the mcarthur maze and the traffic looks good, we will tell you about the bay area commute and bay area weather coming up, stay tuned.
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. good morning, mostly clear out here, it is cold, upper 30s sunshine breezy, with lows in the mid-30s . here is a quick look at some of the stories we are following. we are still following news from the port, they have managed to block workers for their 3:00 a.m. shifts and the protesters claimed victory and went home. san francisco police are investigating several robberies on muny buses and light rail vehicles. it happened sunday afternoon. a man tried to steal a cell phone and wallet from a passenger. another man tried to reveal a stabbing and bus. and new developments in the jerry sandusky case. some of his accusers are expected to testify at a hearing this morning but it all
5:45 am
changed moments ago. chris joins us from outside the courtroom, good morning chris. you see the crowd behind me and what is happening, various attorneys from the attorney general's office, they are making statements about what just happened in bell front. jerry sandusky was expected to arrive and arrived with his wife dottie and once the proceedings started his attorney announced he will be waving his rights to the preliminary hearing. the attorney's office said it was good news for the victims who were prepared to testify. we thought there would be 10 alleged victims who were prepared to speak today and we are told that number is now 11 but jerry sandusky's rights to that preliminary hearing has been waved so they will only have to be taking part in that
5:46 am
testimony one time and we will now be going straight to trial. no mini trial, no preliminary hearing today we will move straight to trial with those charges against jerry sandusky. >> now chris, typically the preliminary hearing if i am not mistake inn, prosecutors feel there is probable cause to go forward and defense is a attorneys agree there is a case and they are prepared to start defending him. >> i think you are right. >> reporter: when you look at the charges, 52 charges and reading the presentation from the grand jury, they were very specific in what was alleged to have happened over the past 15 years so i think you are right. i think the defense take a look at that, the evidence was overwhelming and they decided to wave their right to the preliminary hearing and just go forward with the trial. we do understand there has been
5:47 am
no plea agreement ordeal and there will be none at least for now. jerry sandusky's defense lawyers say if they did take such a deal, it would mean life in prison for their client and they are not ready to take that deal just yet. huge developments in the jerry sandusky case and we will continue to follow that story. time now 5:46 chp investigating a crash of big risk north of los angeles. it happened on interstate 5 in the truck tunnel near state route 14. the crash caused traffic back up for miles and three people were treated for minor injuries. some of the tankers contained gas, crude oil and fortunately none of them had ruptured. it had been raining throughout that time but they are still not clear on what caused that
5:48 am
crash. sal has one problem they are talking about for the commute? >> yes, this would surprise you, we have slow traffic in parts of the east bay and an accident at battery and pine, the fire department and police are there. it is easy to go and it so go around battery and pine. freeway traffic looks good getting into san francisco. also the morning commute, westbound, small delay at the toll plaza and no problems at the upper deck of bay bridge. 101 and 280 looks good 17 is also in good shape. 548, let's go to steve -- 5:48, let's go to steve. the dogs don't want to go out because it is too cold out there. just outside of town 25 and 26
5:49 am
kentwood, 29 near petaluma, and near the high school, 32 and there is a lot of 32s. we have a system down in southern california and man did that pack a punch. it is still on the go down there. only patchy fog, 28 to 44 and it can be a little cooler than that. 44 in san francisco, golden gate bridge is colder than -- golden gate park is cooler than that. and southern california starts to eject and kick up a breeze, 52 to 56. napa airport, i have seen a few upper 20ss . 39 in the city, 30 in oakland, even redwood city, have not checked, i am doing that next. a hint of a north breeze but that's all it takes to get that fog not to form and you may get patchy fog but air mass is
5:50 am
trying to dry. you get 20s and it has moved to southern california but look at this guy, it is a whopper. it continues to rain. it will keep things and the days are not lasting very long. patchy fog, lots of sun and high temperatures in the low-to- mid 50s. the extented forecast which always has your weekend in view shows a cold morning, increasing clouds, wednesday and thursday and a little breezy, your mornings will be cold and dry and calm. thank you steve. today the federal reserve holds a policy meeting, ben bernanke and his colleagues will focus on information about how to lower interest rates. the feds will decide if they
5:51 am
will regularly update the public on how to keep interest rates at record lows but they do not expect any big announcements today. and best buy, sending its stock down 10%. they estimate 12.1 billion in quarterly earnings and the forecast revenue will update during the up coming quarter which is a good one. national survey of online her chance show many -- merchants have extended their shipping rates. they set a deadline of december 20th or earlier and last year 64% would not guarantee christmas arrivals after december 18l1thl0. that could encourage shoppers to buying closer to christmas.
5:52 am
time now 5:51, he was hanging close to the ground, why there was no guarantee of his resident cue. plus the -- rescue. plus the mysterious christmas miracle, stay tuned for more. get the technology they love,
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. all right, take a look at that, that is a man seen hanging from scaffolding he is safe after a dramatic rescue. a crowd of people were watching as that frightening scene unfolded. -- unfolded. he was cleaning windows and the only thing that kept him from crashing to the street below, it is that safety harness. >> you can see they brought him down and he was not hurt. >> time now 5:55, house of representatives passed a bill for safety violations and it is now $2 million. the bill also approves hiring 10 more federal safety inspectors and that's far less than is needed. jackie spears, one of several
5:56 am
say the legislation is still too week, the senate is expected to take up the measure as early as today. somebody left a bag of vegetables at the family home. not just vegetables there was a cashiers check for $10,000 and it held a check and the anonymous donor had seen the family protesters against keizer hospital. they have been protesting because keizer will not pay for her cancer treatment. her family said she was miss diagnosed giving her time for cancer to spread and her insurance company failed her. they gave her a treatment program that is working but they say she has to pay for her self. >> i want keizer to know there is some hope and they should allow us -- they should pay for that. >> relatives say they
5:57 am
appreciate the generous donation but they will continue to pressure keizer to pay for the treatment. santa claus needs help responding to all the letters addressed to the north pole. and in the bay view district you can stop by and pick up letters on friday. the 13th street post office in oakland are also taking part in the letters to santa program. >> those letters are amazing so if you can do that, i highly encourage people to go do that. stand needs a lot of family and so do families. and let's go outside and i will help you with the morning commute talking about 280 northbound getting up to highway 17 looks good also if you are driving to pleasanton on the sunole grade, that traffic is getting busier
5:58 am
although it is not stop and go and central valley is on time. let's go back to the desk. the goal of the demonstrators today, that is coming up in a live report. facebook is working to prevent suicides. the new media program they are launching today, stay tuned for more information on that. and we'll see how long this dry trend will last, we will have more on bay area weather. . i can't believe you moved the tv. it's like a whole new living room. it actually is a whole new living room. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver, only from at&t. now get u-verse with dvr at the lowest price ever. at&t.
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